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The International Spine Reconstruction and Education (INSPIRE) Organization is to provide medical care around the world to patients with spinal deformities, improve their quality of life, and alleviate suffering through affordable orthopedic care, while performing education and research with local caregivers and health care professionals. Patients and their health care providers seeking care and help from Inspire suffer from and care for, respectively, the most severe spine pathologies requiring expertise otherwise not available in their communities. With the generous donations and financial support of INSPIRE provided by various donors, the goal is to reconstruct the spine and offer rehabilitation of the patient so they may be able to restore themselves to contributing members of society.

A truly world-renowned team

The team consists of world-renowned surgeon(s), anesthesiologist(s), intensive care nurse practitioner, physician assistants, operating room nurses, physical therapists, and other ancillary staff.  With a dedicated team of experts, complication rates are decreased and education provided.  This dedicated team provides healthcare and education to the underserved complex spinal patients and their local caregivers throughout the Americas and the world.

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The fund accepts private donations from benefactors and/or private industry organizations in order to cover expenses related to surgery and education activities undertaken by INSPIRE team members and affiliated training fellows or residents.  Financial support is essential from private companies and donors to fray the costs of travel and most importantly to support the individual in need.

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Inspire is a 501c3 charity. If you would like to make a donation please contact our offices at (212)-606-1559 or send you donation to Dr. Federico P. Girardi M.D. c/o Anna Boutzalis, CPA 523 East 72nd Street Ground Floor New York, New York 10021. Please make checks payable to ‘INSPIRE’ and thank you for your donation!