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Cameron’s Scoliosis Story

Posted on: January 3rd, 2022 by Our Team

Dear Dr. Girardi, and HSS staff,

I don’t know how to put into full words, but thank you. Thank you for giving me the chance to feel more confident in myself and not see a problem with myself physically. Thank you for giving me the opportunity many other people don’t get to have. Having scoliosis was an emotionally draining situation than a physically draining one. At first, it wasn’t noticeable but as time went on I can see my deviation. I could see my shoulder’s being uneven, my torso had a slight curve, and I felt bad. I didn’t have confidence in my body to a degree because of my scoliosis. Physically it was tiring, I always felt uncomfortable with my back if I stand up for too long, Doing long walks wasn’t so easy as discomfort came on me. Once the surgery happens I was able to not only feel confident looks-wise, it also changed my demeanor in general. Ever since then I have been more social, more confident, and more positive in life in general. Physically I don’t feel the discomfort anymore, I feel like I can do a lot more now. My experience in the hospital was amazing. I never felt like my comfort and recovery were forgotten and not taken into account. All the nurses who help me through my process were so nice and helpful, They eased the recovery process and made my experience in the hospital a fond and fun memory. Thank you so much, everyone, and especially Dr.Girardi for this surgery and for giving me a chance to better not only physically but also mentally.

Cameron Edward Smith

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