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Patient Stories

Orland’s Laminectomy Story

I started with a pain in my right leg in October of 2016. I was treated with pain medication (Gabapentin), followed with physical therapy and four epidural shots in my spine without good results. I got in touch more

Patient Stories

Bob’s Spinal Revision Surgery Story

I came to Dr. Girardi 1 year after a failed L4-L5-S1 fusion. I was terrible pain, and several Orthopedic Surgeons were unwilling or unable to help. Dr. Girardi, after a long consult and film study, performed revision surgery more

Patient Stories

Thomas’ Kyphoplasty Revision Story

In July of 2019, while at my cardiologist, I explained that I had been having severe ankle pain in the morning.  He suggested an autoimmune workup with a rheumatologist. (I am a 9/11 First Responder, certified for asbestos, pericarditis, more

Patient Stories

Pamela’s Anterior Cervical Discectomy Story

My name is Pamela and in April of 2021 I had an MRI of my neck because my neck did not feel good. The MRI had shown that there had been no change in the bulges and herniations more