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Markella’s Scoliosis Story

What started out as what we thought would be a routine visit to an orthopedist turned into a life changing event when I asked the doctor to check our daughter’s spine for scoliosis. At first, he thought everything more


Susan’s Lumbar Fusion with Bone Graft Story

When I first saw Dr. Federico Girardi, I was suffering from complete left foot drop and excruciating sciatica. I had a severe herniated disc and scoliosis. Fortunately, I was seen and evaluated by Dr. Girardi. He clearly explained more


Madison’s Scoliosis Story

My name is Madison Woods. I had scoliosis surgery on August 7, 2020. The recovery time was 3 months and seemed to go by very fast. Thankfully, I feel great! In my free time, I like to go more