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Sibyl’s Posterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion with Posterior Spinal Fusion, and Lumbar Decompression

Posted on: January 24th, 2023 by Our Team

I was very, very fortunate to have Dr. Girardi perform posterior lumbar interbody fusion with posterior spinal fusion, and lumbar decompression. Certain of my spinal discs were basically aging out with arthritis and wear, the canal was shrinking and pressing on the nerves, and I could not stand or walk for any length of time. While I had had three cortisone shots in my back for pain relief, the treatment was short-lived and not sustainable in the long term. I consulted with Dr. Girardi and he detailed exactly what the surgery and rehab would, and did, entail. His excellent, caring staff expertly guided me through all the preliminaries, and the surgery was scheduled for the summer so that I would have time to recuperate before the fall. The surgery went well, and I felt strong and healthy enough so that I could be released the next day (the photo is my view of the East River at HSS early on the morning following surgery). I did not feel the need to take the pain meds while in the hospital (or upon returning home) and was able to walk unassisted. The recovery healing involves the bone graft growing and fusing (I now have pins!), and I wear a back brace for posture support and to protect me when driving and out in public. Post-operatively, I have resumed normal activities (I take care of my two grandsons after school), but have to be careful not to make bending movements or do any heavy lifting. I haven’t yet begun physical exercise therapy, but walking once every hour is recommended therapy. I was very grateful to have benefitted from such a good and skilled doctor as Dr. Girardi, who restored my back, my health and my spirit. A world-class surgeon at a world-class orthopedic hospital.

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