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Ben’s Spinal Fusion Patient Story

Posted on: October 24th, 2023 by Our Team

Before seeing Dr. Girardi, I was experiencing severe headaches. It turned out that I had multiple herniated discs in my neck, specifically at C3-4 and C6-7. The pain was most intense while I was sleeping, as I had no control over the position of my head. Sometimes, the pain persisted throughout the day, preventing me from working. My orthopedist recommended steroid injections as a potential solution. Insurance covered up to three injections, but after three attempts, the treatment was unsuccessful. The pain management doctor even attempted to temporarily deactivate the nerve, but this approach also failed.

Seeking a second opinion, I consulted a local spine surgeon who suggested disc replacement. When he mentioned that I was at higher risk for paralysis in the event of an accident, I grew anxious. A colleague referred me to his brother, an orthopedist, who recommended Dr. Girardi for spinal surgery. After submitting all my medical records and films, Dr. Girardi confirmed that I was a surgical candidate and scheduled an appointment for me.

During the consultation, Dr. Girardi stated that disc replacement was not a viable option for my condition; instead, I needed spinal fusion. Given the pressing nature of the herniated discs against my spinal cord, he advised undergoing surgery sooner rather than later. I had the surgery in May 2016. The hospital staff and Dr. Girardi’s team provided excellent care, and I returned to work after a few weeks of recovery.

In March 2022, another herniated disc was discovered at C4-5. I underwent another spinal fusion surgery, this time spanning from C4 to C7. Subsequently, I began to experience pain and numbness in my left arm due to improperly healing screws. After waiting approximately six months to see if the screws would heal naturally — which they did not — Dr. Girardi recommended a third surgery. In May 2023, a posterior spinal fusion was performed, ranging from C3 down to T1. The symptoms in my arm disappeared immediately post-surgery, and I returned to work within weeks.

While the cause of my herniated discs remains unknown, I suspect that working in the Information Technology field and maintaining poor posture contributed significantly to my condition.

My experience with Dr. Girardi and his team has been exceptional. The team followed up with me for weeks post-discharge to monitor my recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Girardi to anyone in need of spinal surgery.

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