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Paris’s Microdiscectomy Patient Story

Posted on: March 31st, 2024 by Our Team

My name is Paris, I’m a 29 year old male living in NY. For 10 months I lived with shooting pains, weakness, tightness, poor mobility, and pins and needles all throughout my left leg, from the sole to the buttock. Every step was painful, and even activities like sitting upright became unbearable if I was unable to lie down after a few minutes. I couldn’t move around my apartment, my neighborhood, or the city with any freedom. I became hopeless as first one physical therapist failed to make a change, and then another, and then a first epidural injection, and then a second. I woke up afraid of the day and the pain to come, and my quality of life had never been lower.

After altogether six months of physical therapy, two injections, and who knows how many over the counter pain medications, I found Dr. Girardi and the team at Hospital for Special Surgery. My pre-surgical and surgical experience was fantastic. Questions that I had been given evasive answers on for months were smoothly addressed, with demonstrations and references to my radiology. The microdiscectomy surgery was quick and I was home the next day. I am at nine months post op at the time of writing. My symptoms have improved dramatically, more often than not, I am totally symptom-free. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Girardi and the team.

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