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Spinal Stenosis

Jeff’s Spinal Stenosis Story

Jeff was suffering from debilitating lower back pain. The pain was so bad that he’d become nauseous. Jeff says, ‘my lower back pain had become intolerable. It had gotten so bad that I couldn’t walk one city block more


Markella’s Scoliosis Story

What started out as what we thought would be a routine visit to an orthopedist turned into a life changing event when I asked the doctor to check our daughter’s spine for scoliosis. At first, he thought everything more

Spinal Fusion

Linda’s Spinal Fusion Story

In December of 2022, I had spinal fusion performed by Dr. Federico Girardi. Prior to surgery, my pain level was a constant 8. I could not sit, and walking was limited by falls due to weakness in my more


Susan’s Lumbar Fusion with Bone Graft Story

When I first saw Dr. Federico Girardi, I was suffering from complete left foot drop and excruciating sciatica. I had a severe herniated disc and scoliosis. Fortunately, I was seen and evaluated by Dr. Girardi. He clearly explained more

Patient Stories

Orland’s Laminectomy Story

I started with a pain in my right leg in October of 2016. I was treated with pain medication (Gabapentin), followed with physical therapy and four epidural shots in my spine without good results. I got in touch more

Patient Stories

Bob’s Spinal Revision Surgery Story

I came to Dr. Girardi 1 year after a failed L4-L5-S1 fusion. I was terrible pain, and several Orthopedic Surgeons were unwilling or unable to help. Dr. Girardi, after a long consult and film study, performed revision surgery more